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The mistake most infertile couple make is waiting too long in getting pregnant. Yes, infertility is a couple's business and not just the woman alone. About 40% of the cause of infertility is blamed on the women. Another 40% is blamed on male infertility factors. Five percent is shared by the two couples and the remaining 5% is said to be due to unknown factors. 

Infertility is the inability to get pregnant, carry it to confinement and delivery. Male infertility is the inability of a man to get a woman pregnant. The man is said to be impotent. An older term that has similar meaning is sterility. Female infertility refers to a situation where a woman who can't conceive or a man who lacks the power to impregnate a woman is said to be sterile. As you well know, the direct opposite of infertility or lack of fertility is fertility which is the ability to produce or reproduce.                                                                                          

Infertility may not be an obstetrics and gynecological problem as we often believe, it is primarily a health imbalance pointing to a deeper internal problem. This is because many infertile couple look normal on the outside but fail to conceive inwardly or deliver. The first law of nature tend to be self-preservation and perpetuation of ones generation or offspring. Reproduction and its organs are the last to get sick even when other organs fail. Inability to conceive may be an early warning or precaution that all is not well.

Different couples have different problem and will be treated as such. Different form of infertility helps exist and the treatment options will vary. Some infertility problem will be difficult to detect and help will have to be postponed until the cause is found. It is necessary to obtain all the essential information on infertility and get the right treatment and emotional support. Handling infertility alone can be both trying and exasperating. With infertility help, it can certainly go a long way to ease the frustrations.

There are many ways to seek infertility help for couples who are unable to conceive. If you found that you are unable to conceive after trying for more than a year, then it is time to seek help as you are most likely infertile. Seeking the assistance of an fertility specialist is one way and they will be able to offer the proper treatment once tests are conducted.

ARC Research Centre (Centre of Excellence in Infertility), Chennai caters to all IVF treatments for couples around the world.. The centre is equipped with state of the art, ultra sterile, sophisticated, NASA technology IVf lab and OT with hystero Laproscopic facilities. 

Major serives at Abhijay Reproductive care and Research centre includes IUIIVFICSIDonor programmesSurrogacy Genetic screeningWeight managementPregnancy & Neonatal careDiagnostic & Interventional hysteroscopiesExpert Physician follow up for metabolic disorders & hormonal imbalances, Psychologist counselling and 4D ultrasound.                                                       
It is vital that you support each other and also health care provider and other support group can go a long way to help you get through the ordeal. Communication of feelings is essential, especially with your partner as it will help you to bond.

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