Monday, 13 October 2014

Male Infertility Problem Can Be Treated Effectively !!

Male infertility is the condition in which the male partner have the problems. Male infertility refers to the man's incapacity to achieve pregnancy in a female who is fertile. It is commonly caused due to several factors.

Cause of Male Infertility. 

  • Physical problems with the testicles
  • Blockages in the ducts that carry sperm
  • Hormone problems
  • A history of high fevers or mumps
  • Genetic disorders
  • Lifestyle or environmental factors

When to consult the infertility specialist ?

Are unable to conceive a child after years
Have erection or ejaculation problems
Have pain, discomfort in the testicle area
Have sexual problems
Have had scrotum surgery

If you have any doubt, if you are infertile, you must consult a infertility specialist at the earliest. There are many tests that can be conducted to check your infertility problems.  The infertility specialist will find out the root causes for the infertility and then he may advise the appropriate treatments with the most modern techniques.

Abhijay Reproductive Care & Research Center offer the best treatments for the male infertility problems with the most modern treatments methods.

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