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Get Best IVF Treatment in Chennai

In vitro fertilization has become the supreme technique for achieving pregnancy in ladies with abnormal or blocked fallopian tubes. Since this technique is introduction in the late 1970’s. The technique has been refined, and success rates have improved dramatically and its use is currently applied to several fertility issues like severe male fertility problems and unexplained infertility.

In fact, the technique involves intentionally hyper-stimulating the ovaries, getting the oocytes via needle-aspiration, combining them with the sperm within the laboratory and choice among resultant embryos for transfer back to the womb. The events that normally occur within the fallopian tubes therefore occur in the laboratory, providing a kind of tubal bypass. In Vitro Fertilization permits choice of the healthiest embryos for transfer and sometimes a choice among many embryos. It's less invasive than surgery and associated post-procedure down-time is minimal. Greatest risks behind IVF are multiple gestations and ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (occurring in 1-5% of patients).

Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome
In women, several kinds of medications are use to stimulate egg production, if these medicines stimulates the ovaries too much, it will affect ovaries. The ovaries can become swollen. After effect will be leakage of fluid in to chest area and belly.This is called ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS).

Multiple Gestation
In simple means, carrying two or more baby is called multiple gestation. This the other factor that affects IVF treatment. Several factors may increase the chance of multiple gestation. Fertility drugs are the main reason.

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