Thursday, 8 June 2017

Surrogacy: Science of happiness

Infertility is a quite disappointing and frustrating for couples looking to take the next step in life with a lot of hopes and dreams. Although they occur due to a variety of reasons, infertility characterised by frequent miscarriages may be due to the incapability of the reproductive system to carry a baby successfully throughout the pregnancy.

Surrogacy is a plausible solution to address this issue and to fulfill the dreams of the couple to have a baby of their own. The treatment option of surrogacy requires a sound understanding of the medical and legal procedures associated with it before taking the critical decision.

Surrogacy is often clouded by a dose of stigma associated with having another person carrying one’s baby. News of various legal battles that it has witnessed often contributes to the general reluctance people feel for it. However when done in a reputed clinic, it is one of the best treatment options for those unable to conceive, to have a baby of their own.

Procedures involved in surrogacy

The treatment of surrogacy involves selection of surrogates to suit the requirements of the patients and educating them regarding all the procedures associated with it. The treatment is done within a tight legal framework for the benefit of the couple as well as the surrogate. 

The medical side of the procedure involves artificial fertilisation from extracted or donated eggs and sperms (depending on the type of surrogacy opted for) and implanting the embryo in the womb of the surrogate. Agreements are made for the transfer of the baby within a specified time of birth. 

ARC Infertility and Research Centre is one of the best surrogacy centres in Chennai. With a strong treatment culture in place, it offers unique surrogacy treatment in adherence with the laws governing the same in India. This makes ARC one of the most preferred surrogacy clinics in Chennai. 

The clinic offers quality infertility treatment in Chennai all necessary assistance for the treatment from selection of surrogates and ensuring all necessary works are completed in legal side to taking care of the necessary accommodation and travel requirement formalities of the patients. Acknowledged as the best infertility clinic Chennai, ARC is lead by the skill of renowned infertility specialist, Chennai. 

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